Rabu, 17 Julai 2013

Friends ❤

Assalamualaikum , Hai 

Today our topic about friendship. Yeah its many type of friends such as kind, bad, understanding, selfish and many more. So there are 'TRUE' friends and 'FAKE' friends.

To me, True friend is someone who will stand by you, no matter what. Someone who keeps your secrets. Someone like spending time with you. Someone that like to hear your story and problems. Someone who do favors for you and don't expect anything in return. Someone who understand what you feel and try to calm you. Someone who being honest with you. Someone who worried about you when you sick, cry etc. Someone who love you and support you. Someone who believe you.

Fake friends is someone talking back about you. Someone who find you when they have problems and forget you when they happy. Someone who don't care about you. Someone who not appreciate what you did for them. Someone who talk bad about you without think about your feelings.

So thats some points about TRUE and FAKE friends. So I hope you will know who your true friends.

'FAKE friends are easy to find and easy to loose but TRUE friends are the hardest to find and hardest to loose.'

Afiqah ღ 

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