Sabtu, 15 Jun 2013

Happy Father's Day ❤

Mr. Tahir 

I want to story about my dad. His full name is Ahmad Tahiruddin bin Alias. His so upright but lovely inside. Sometimes he made a joke and make others laugh. I like the way he care about us family. That made me love him more. Thanks to Allah up to this day my father still alive and I hope Allah grant long life for him. Without him I'm being nothing. He teach me many things about life, love, dunya & akhirat. Thanks to Allah I had a father like him. Dad, I want you to know that I loved you very much for my entire life ❤

Who read this, please appreaciate your Father. Show your love toward him. Be grateful because you had a awesome, handsome and always loving you. Happy Fathers's day to all fathers in the world ❤

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